Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose Bent End 5269091


Miele vacuum cleaner hose bent end, will fit selected Miele vacuum cleaners, part number 5269091, this is a genuine Miele spare part.

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This replacement bent end will fit the following Miele vacuum cleaners, S2110 S501 S524 S548 S370 S511 S526 S571 S371 S512 S5260 S600 S372 S513 S5261 S612 S374 S514 S528 S624 S380 S516 S5280 S626 S381 S518 S534 S628 S4210 S5210 S536 S634 S4211 S5211 S538 S636 S500 S5220 S544 S638 S644 S715 S736 S834 S646 S716 S744 S836 S648 S717 S748 S838 S700 S718 S800 S844 S710 S724 S812 S846 S711 S726 S824 S848 S712 S734 S826 TOTAL CARE 5000 S714 Other part numbers for this item: 4405269090, 5269090