Neff Dishwasher Heater Element 282746


Neff dishwasher heater element will fit selected Neff dishwashers, part number 282746 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, if your dishwasher isnt heating up this may be the part for you.

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This replacement heater will fit the following Neff dishwashers, 195307529 S3130W0GB/11 S3132W0GB11 S4130W0GB/14 S3130F0GB/03 S3130W0GB01 S3132W0GB14 S4132F0GB/08 S3130F0GB/08 S3130W0GB03 S3132W0GB19 S4132F0GB/11 S3130F0GB/11 S3130W0GB11 S4130F0GB/01 S4132F0GB/14 S3130F0GB08 S3132F0GB/11 S4130F0GB/03 S4132W0GB/08 S3130G0GB/01 S3132F0GB/14 S4130F0GB/08 S4132W0GB/11 S3130G0GB01 S3132F0GB14 S4130F0GB/14 S4132W0GB/14 S3130W0GB/01 S3132W0GB/11 S4130W0GB/01 S4133F0GB/14 S3130W0GB/03 S3132W0GB/14 S4130W0GB/03 S4133W0GB/14 S3130W0GB/08 S3132W0GB/19 S4130W0GB/08 S4140G0GB/01 S4140G0GB/03 S4142G0GB11 S4142W0GB/14 S4152E0GB11 S4140G0GB/08 S4142G1GB/14 S4142W0GB08 S4152G0GB/01 S4140G0GB08 S4142G1GB14 S4142W1GB/14 S4152G0GB/03 S4140W0GB/01 S4142N1GB/14 S4152E0GB/01 S4152G0GB/08 S4140W0GB/03 S4142S0GB/08 S4152E0GB/03 S4152G0GB/11 S4140W0GB/08 S4142S0GB/14 S4152E0GB/08 S4152G0GB/14 S4140W0GB08 S4142S1GB/14 S4152E0GB/11 S4152G0GB01 S4142G0GB/08 S4142S1GB14 S4152E0GB01 S4152G0GB08 S4142G0GB/11 S4142W0GB/08 S4152E0GB03 S4152S0GB/01 S4142G0GB/14 S4142W0GB/11 S4152E0GB08 S4152S0GB/03 S4152S0GB/08 S4152S1GB03 S4152W0GB/14 S4172G0GB14 S4152S0GB01 S4152S1GB11 S4152W0GB01 S4172W0GB/01 S4152S0GB08 S4152S1GB14 S4152W0GB08 S4172W0GB/08 S4152S1GB/03 S4152W0GB/01 S4172G0GB/01 S4172W0GB/14 S4152S1GB/08 S4152W0GB/03 S4172G0GB/08 S4172W0GB01 S4152S1GB/11 S4152W0GB/08 S4172G0GB/11 S4340X0GB/18 S4152S1GB/14 S4152W0GB/11 S4172G0GB/14 S4340X0GB/19 Other part numbers for this item: 204210