Neff Washing Machine Door Switch Interlock 154077


Genuine Neff washing machine door switch interlock will fit selected Neff washers, if your machine will not start or there is a long delay before it does start this could be the part you need, part number BSH154077.

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This replacement door switch will fit the following Neff washers, V4380X0EU/01 W4280G0EU/11 W4280W0EU/12 W4380X0EU/12 V4380X0EU/13 W4280G1EU/01 W4280W0GB/01 W4380X0GB/01 V4380X0GB/12 W4280S0EU/01 W4280W0GB/11 W4380X0GB/11 V4380X0GB/13 W4280S0EU/11 W4280W1EU/01 W4380X0GB/12 W4280B0GB/01 W4280W0EU/01 W4380X0EU/01 W4380X1EU/01 W4280B1EU/01 W4280W0EU/11 W4380X0EU/11 W4380X1GB/01 W4280G0EU/01