Carbon Brushes For Numatic DL21104T 205403 Motor HVR200 HVX200 NVR HVR TYPE



High quality replacement carbon brushes used by our own service engineers.

Please compare your old brushes with the images and specifications we supply as manufacturers often change parts but not model numbers.

  • Pack of 2 High quality compatible brushes
  • For AMETEC 2 Stage DL21104T Motor 205403
  • After serial number 1307

Approx dimensions

  • 28mm x 11mm x 6mm

Suitable for models,

HVR200-22, HVR200A, HVR200M, HVR200M-22, HVR200T, HVR200T-2, HVR200TM-2, HVX200, HVX200-22, HZDQ750-2, HZQ200-2, HZQ250-2, HZQ370-2, HZQ750-2, NQS250-22, NQS350B-22, NQS350B-22 (2 Core Mains Lead), NQS350B-22 (3 Core Mains Lead), NRV200-22, NRV200T-2, NRV370-22, NRV380-22, NVDQ570-2, NVDQ900-2, NVQ200-22, NVQ370-22, NVQ370T-2, NVQ380-22 (2 Core Mains Lead), NVQ380B-22 (2 Core Mains Lead), NVQ380B-22 (3 Core Mains Lead), NVQ570-22, NVQ900-22

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only