Sebo Service Box X Series Vacuum Cleaners


100% Genuine Sebo Serivce Box New Type Bags which are now 3 Layer micro-bacterial bags (White Synthetic Cloth) Part Number: 5094ER Sebo have upgraded this item as of 31-1- 2014. This item has now changed to a micro fleece construction rather than paper. This will offer improved air flow and therfore enhance performance. The pack quantity will be reduced from 10 to 8. What you get: 8x Three Layer micro-bacterial bags, 1x Micro Hygiene Filter, 1x Exhaust Filter

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Fits Sebo, Models X Series Upright Vacuum Cleaners X1, X1.1, X2, X3, XP2, XP3, X4, X4 Extra, X4 Pet, X5 Extra, C Series C1, C2, C2 Total, C3, Sensor