Servis Diplomat Washing Machine Integrated Door Hinge 651000238


Integrated washing machine door hinge to fit selected washing machines part number 651000238.

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Will fit the following, BAUMATIC BTWD2 CUISINA (PABL) WD002 DIPLOMAT APM 8502, APM 8512, APM 8521-1, APM8521, APM8522 DIPLOMAT APM8522 ESSENTIALS (WATERLINE) WD002 EUROTECH WD002 HOMARK 02-800370, 02-800370-1, WD002 HYGENA APM 8702, APM 8721-1, APM8721 HYGENA APL8710, APL8720, APM8502, APM8512, APM8521-0, APM8521-1, APM8620, APM8702, APM8721-0, APM8721-1 NARDI LVAS1000 PABL WD002 POWERPOINT 1000WI, 200IWD-1 PROLINE M3802W, M3808W, M9812W SERVIS M3902B-I, M3903, M391, M391B, M392, M991, M9912B-I, M9913, M991B, M992, WMFI12 TEKA WDFI12 WHITE WESTINGHOUSE 02-200570, 02-200570-1