Siemens Dishwasher Mains Cable Supply 498262


Siemens dishwasher mains cable supply will fit selected Siemens dishwashers, if your dishwasher has no power check the white terminal box it can burn out there, part number 498262 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement mains cable will fit the following Siemens dishwashers, SE20A590GB/11 SE25A266GB/24 SE25M575GB/36 SE26T551GB/01 SE20T293GB/04 SE25A266GB/27 SE25M850GB/17 SE26T551GB/04 SE24A230GB/17 SE25A561GB/45 SE25M851GB/35 SE26T590GB/01 SE24A230GB/45 SE25A836GB/45 SE25M851GB/73 SE55M570GB/36 SE24M851GB/01 SE25M275GB/35 SE25T250GB/25 SE55M577GB/01 SE24T250GB/17 SE25M275GB/36 SE25T850GB/04 SE55M677GB/01 SE24T250GB/32 SE25M275GB/41 SE25T850GB/08 SE64630GB/29 SE25A090GB/12 SE25M275GB/80 SE26T251GB/04 SE64A630GB/17 SE25A090GB/17 SE25M276GB/01 SE26T252GB/01 SE64A630GB/44 SE25A266GB/22 SE25M570GB/17 SE26T550GB/25 SE64A630GB/46 SE64A631GB/11 SE65A561GB/25 SF24T250GB/23 SF25A061GB/19 SE64E330GB/29 SE65E330GB/55 SF24T251GB/29 SF25M250GB/01 SE64M359GB/01 SE65E330GB/74 SF24T258GB/09 SF25T053GB/15 SE64M359GB/90 SE65E331GB/90 SF24T558GB/01 SF25T550GB/15