Siemens Washing Machine Drum Drive Belt 5PJE 1255


Genuine Siemens washing machine drum drive belt, this belt is sized at 5PJE 1255 if your belt is slipping this could be the part you need.

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This replacement belt will fit the following Siemens models, WH54080GB/07 WH54480GB/04 WH54880GB/01 WH55680GB/01 WIQ1430EU/01 WIQ1433GB/01 WIQ1433GB/02 WIQ1434GB/03 WIQ1634GB/03 WIQ1834GB/01 WM12E468GB/03 WM12E468GB/07 WM14E141GB/09 WM5487AGB/04 WXL127AGB/01 WXL132GB/01 WXL142GB/08 WXL146AGB/01 WXL147AGB/18 WXL147AUK/19 WXLI1240GB/05 WXLI1240GB/18 WXLI4240GB/26 WXLM112GB/04 WXLM122GB/04 WXLM1260GB/27 WXLM146AGB/03 WXLM146AGB/05 WXLM148AGB/14 WXLM148AGB/17 WXLM148AGB/19 WXLP145AGB/01 WXLP145AGB/10 WXLP145AGB/11 WXLP146AGB/15 WXLP146AGB/20 WXLS122GB/01 WXLS122GB/05 WXLS140GB/01 WXLS142GB/01 WXLS143GB/05 WXLS160ANL/09 XLM1200