Siemens Washing Machine Upper Dispenser Lid 265957


Siemens washing machine upper dispenser lid will fit selected Siemens washing machines, if your machine isnt taking the powder or softener like it used to this may be the part you need, genuine Siemens spare part number 265957.

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This replacement dispenser lid will fit the following Siemens washers, WD31201GB/01 WM12E468GB/07 WXL146AGB/01 WXL166AGB/07 WH54080GB/01 WM14E141GB/09 WXL146AGB/07 WXL166AGB/09 WH54080GB/07 WM14E141GB/11 WXL146AGB/09 WXL167AGB/09 WH54080UK/12 WM5487AGB/04 WXL147AGB/09 WXL167AGB/10 WH54480GB/04 WXD1260GB/01 WXL147AGB/15 WXL167AGB/15 WH54880GB/01 WXL125SGB/01 WXL147AGB/18 WXL167AGB/16 WH54880GB/04 WXL125SGB/15 WXL147AGB/19 WXL167AUK/16 WH55680GB/01 WXL125SGB/16 WXL147AUK/19 WXLM112GB/04 WM12E44SGB/01 WXL127AGB/15 WXL148AUK/19 WXLM122GB/04 WM12E44SGB/03 WXL127AGB/18 WXL166AGB/01 WXLM1260/12 WXLM1260GB/27 WXLM148AGB/10 WXLM148AUK/19 WXLM168AGB/10 WXLM146AGB/03 WXLM148AGB/14 WXLM166AGB/01 WXLM168AGB/14 WXLM146AGB/05 WXLM148AGB/17 WXLM166AGB/08 WXLM168AGB/15 WXLM146AGB/06 WXLM148AGB/19 WXLM166AGB/10 WXLS162GB/05 WXLM148AGB/08