Vax Vacuum Cleaner Belts 540310-001 Style 4 Pack of 2 Belts


Quality replacement belts as used by our own service engineers. The original code stamped on your old belt will be 540310-001 or style 4 Please note we only use these codes for reference purposes and will not be stamped on the belts you receive from us, also they may appear smaller than the original belt.

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These belts will fit the following Vax hoovers, VS-19 Swift VS-190 Swift VS-190APP Swift Pet Premium VS-190ATP Swift Tickled Pink VS-190C Swift Complete VS-190HP Swi VS-190PA Swift Pet VS-190PO Swift Power VS-190R Swift Reach VS-190U Swift Ultra VS-191 Swift HEPA VS-193HST Swift Turboforce High Power VS-193S Swift Turbo VS-193ST Swift Turbo VS-19AT Swift VS-19B Swift VS-19BU Swift VS-19H Swift High Power VS-19R Swift VS-19RU Swift VS-19S Swift Allergy VS-19TS Swift Pet VS-19U Swift V-006L Turboforce Lite VS-19TLT Turboforce Lite V-008SC Performance V-008T Performance Twin-Cyclonic V-008TX Performance Twin V-040 Ultrixx V-041 Everyday Turbo V-041HC Everyday Total Power V-041P Ultrixx Pet V-041S Everyday Turbo V-042 Everyday Upright VRS4 Powermax VS-18 Big Bubble VS-181 Big Bubble VS-181T Big Bubble Family VS-182 Big Bubble VS-183 Big Bubble Pet VS-18U Big Bubble VS-18Y Big Bubble VS-190CX Centrix Pet