Whirlpool Fridge Ice Cutter Grid 481925998215


Genuine Whirlpool fridge ice cutter grid will fit selected Whirlpool and Ignis fridges, part number 481925998215.

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Will fit the following fridges, Whirlpool Ignis Ice Maker Cutter Grid K20 K40 WHIRLPOOL K20, K40, AGB022/01/G/WP, 851202201050, AGB022/01/G/WP, 851202215070, AGB022/01/G/WP, 851202215071, AGB022/01/G/WP, 851202215072, AGB022/01/G/WP, 851202215073, AGB022/G/WP, 851202215050, AGB022/G/WP, 851202215060, AGB022WP, AGB022/WP, 851202215040, AGB024GWP, AGB024/01/G/WP, 851202401060, AGB024/01/G/WP, 851202401070, AGB024/01/G/WP, 851202415080, AGB024/01/G/WP IGNIS AGH326IG