Whirlpool Washing Machine Drum Hub And Bearing Assembly 481252018065


Genuine Whirlpool washing machine drum hub and bearing assembly will fit selected Bauknecht, Ignis Ikea, Neutral and Whirlpool washers, part number is 481252018065.

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Will fit, BAUKNECHT WAI2530/WS-GB, WAI2542/2, WAI2542/2, WAI2542/2-GB, WAI2542/2-GB IGNIS AWP045/3, AWP045/3, AWP046, AWP046, AWP046 IKEA 00048870WHM112W, 00048870WHM112W, 00048870WHM112W NEUTRAL UC1200WM, UC1200WM WHIRLPOOL A2000, A2000, AWM014/WS-D, AWM1150, AWM1150, AWM1150, AWM1200, AWM1200, AWM1200/1, AWM1200/1, AWM1201, AWM1201, AWM1201, AWM1203, AWM1203, AWM1204/4, AWM1204/4, AWM1204/4, AWM1204/4, AWM1250, AWM1250, AWM1250, AWM220, AWM220, AWM220/1, AWM220/1, AWM220/1, AWM220/1, AWM221, AWM221, AWM221, AWM221, AWM324, AWM324, AWM324/3, AWM324/3, AWM325, AWM325, AWM325/3, AWM325/3, AWM326, AWM326, AWM327, AWM327, AWM327/3, AWM327/3, AWM328, AWM328, AWM328/3, AWM328/3, AWM328/3, AWM336/3, AWM336/3, AWM336/3, AWM336/3, AWM371, AWM371, AWM374, AWM374, AWM5105, AWM5125, AWM5125, AWM5125, AWM5125/1, AWM5125/1, AWM5125/1, AWM5125/3, AWM5125/3, AWM5125/4, AWM5125/4, AWM5125/5, AWM5125/5, AWM5125/S, AWM5125/S, AWM6100, AWM6100, AWM6100/3, AWM6100/3, AWM6110/3, AWM6110/3, AWM6120/1, AWM6120/1, AWM6120/3, AWM6120/3, AWM6120/S, AWM6120/S, AWM6120/S, AWM6120/S, AWM6123/PL/S, AWM6123/PL/S, AWM6123/PL/S, AWM6125/3, AWM6125/3, AWM6129, AWM8085/1, AWM8085/1, AWM8085/1, AWM8101, AWM8101, AWM8101, AWM8103, AWM8103, AWM8103, AWM8113/1, AWM8113/1, AWM8121/S, AWM8121/S, AWM8121/S, AWM8121/S, AWM8123/1, AWM8123/1, AWM8123/3, AWM8123/3, AWM8123/S, AWM8123/S, AWM8123/S, AWM8123/S, AWM8129, AWM8129, AWO/D4505, AWO/D4505, AWO/D4605, AWO/D4605, AWO/D5306, AWO/D5316, AWO/D5316, AWO/D5446, AWO/D5506, AWO/D5506, AWO/D5516, AWO/D5516, AWO/D5547, AWO/D5547, AWO/D5556, AWO/D5706, AWO/R4205, AWO/R4205, AWO/R5206, AWO3551, AWO3551, AWO3560, AWO3560, AWO7361, AWO7361