White Knight Tumble Dryer Complete Door Assembly 421309245861


Genuine White Knight tumble dryer complete door, will fit selected White Knight dryers, part number 421309245861.

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This replacement door will fit the following White Knight dryers, CL311-031231115100 CL421-031242115000 CL441A-031244115200 CL741-031274115000 CL311G-031231115300 CL421-031242115001 CL441W-031244115000 CL741-031274115001 CL412FR-031241215103 CL432-031243215001 CL732-031273215000 LPG411-031241115080 CL412FV-031241215100 CL432FV-031243215100 CL737-031273715000