Zanussi Dishwasher Filter With Handle


Zanussi Dishwasher Filter With Handle

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Genuine Zanussi Dishwasher Filter With Handle part number 50297774007 fits the following models,



ZSF6171, ZSF6280


DA4441, DA4441N, DA4441S, DA6142, DA6142N, DA6142S, DA6153, DE540X, DE6850, DE6850ALU, DE6854, DE6855, DX6450, DX6451, DX6452, DX6453, IZZI ALU, ZDI6041B, ZDI6041N, ZDI6041W, ZDI6041X, ZDI6053N, ZDI6053W, ZDI6053X, ZDI6054QX, ZDI6054SX, ZDI6896SX, ZDT4041, ZDT5044, ZDT5053, ZDT6041, ZDT6053, ZDT6244, ZDT6255, ZDT6764, ZSF4111, ZSF4112, ZSF4123, ZSF4123S, ZSF4126, ZSF4143, ZSF4143S, ZSF6120, ZSF6126, ZSF6128, ZSF6150, ZSF6150S, ZSF6150X, ZSF6152, ZSF6160, ZSF6161, ZSF6161S


DA4142, DA6141D, DA6142, DA6142S, ZDI6041B, ZDI6041N, ZDI6041W, ZDI6041X, ZDT4041, ZDT6041


DA6153, DE540X, DE6554, DE6754, DE6754S, DE6850, DE6854, DE6855, DE6865, DE6954, DE6955, IZZI ALU, ZDI6054QX, ZDI6054SX, ZDI6896QX, ZDI6896SX, ZDT5044, ZDT6244, ZDT6255, ZDT6764, ZSF4112, ZSF4123, ZSF4123S, ZSF6120, ZSF6150, ZSF6150S, ZSF6150X, ZSF6160


DA4142, DA4342, DE4554, DE4554S, DE4744, DE4744ALU