Zanussi Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheels 50269971003


Genuine Zanussi dishwasher lower basket wheels, will fit selected Zanussi dishwashers, if your basket is difficult to pull out and push in then these will help it slide like new again.

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These basket wheels will fit the following Zanussi dishwashers, DE6708 DW6635 – BIO DW6814 DW6926 DE930 DW6645 DW6826 DW6926M DES959 DW6645 – BIO DW6826M DW6937 DI760SS DW6710 DW683 DW695 DTI6726 DW6710N DW6837 DW697 DTI6759E DW6714 DW6837M DW904 DW6614 DW6726 DW684 DW905 DW6625 DW674 DW6849 DW906 DW6625 – BIO DW676 DW685 DW907 DW6635 DW677 DW687 DW907AL DW908AL DW927 DWS6674 DWS6849 DW908W DW929W DWS6704 DWS685 DW909 DW930 DWS6706 DWS686 DW911 DWS410 DWS6726 DWS6907 DW914W DWS620 DWS6737 DWS694 DW915 DWS6621 DWS6749 DWS6947 DW917 DWS6622 DWS677 DWS696 DW917G DWS6626 DWS6804 DWS697 DW919 DWS6628 DWS6837 DWS697S DW925 DWS663 DWS684 DWS730 DWS909AL ID4016N ID6244X ID6345B DWS909W ID4016S ID6245B ID6345S DWS919 ID4016W ID6245S ID6345W DWS935 ID4016X ID6245W ID6345X DWS939S ID416B ID6245X ID6745B DWS939W ID416N ID6294B ID6745S DWS949W ID416W ID6294S ID6745W ID1622B ID6244B ID6294W ID6745X ID1622W ID6244S ID6294X ID736B ID4016B ID6244W ID6345A ID736W ID9406 Z2200MS ZD684W ZD851S ID9406B Z907PL ZD686B ZD851W ID9406W Z9MS ZD686W ZD852I IT416 ZBLACK MS ZD699ALU ZDM6026N IT5616 ZD551I ZD751B ZDM6026W IT566 ZD604B ZD751S ZDM6026X IT5660 ZD604W ZD751W ZDM6037B Z1000PL ZD606B ZD851A ZDM6037N Z1S ZD606W ZD851B ZDM6037W Z2000S ZD684B ZD851I ZDM6037X ZDM6714B ZDM6825X ZDS689EX ZI609 ZDM6714N ZDM6837 ZDS699EA ZI796B ZDM6714W ZDM6837B ZDS699EB ZI796S ZDM6714X ZDM6837N ZDS699EN ZIDW956 ZDM6814B ZDM6837W ZDS699EX ZOP32W ZDM6814N ZDM6837X ZDS699EY ZP3416 ZDM6814W ZDM6925N ZDW416 ZP3416P ZDM6814X ZDM6925W ZDW946S ZP3616 ZDM6825S ZDS6070X ZI602 ZP3626 ZDM6825W ZDS679EX ZI608 ZP3626M ZP3628 ZT685 ZW109 ZW6206 ZP3736 ZTI6050 ZW1096 ZW626 ZP3736M ZTI6100 ZW1096N ZW636 ZP3796 ZTI6859 ZW123 ZW726 ZS3726 ZTI6865 ZW125 ZW726DT ZT605 ZTM6814 ZW1722 ZW736 ZT615 ZTM6825 ZW3900E ZW826 ZT617 ZW1046 ZW4106 ZW900E ZT6755I ZW107 ZW416 ZWS828 ZT6810 ZW108 ZW426