Aeg Competence B1180-1-m Cooker Element


Replacement Aeg Competence B1180-1-M Cooker Element

If your cooker has stopped getting hot or has tripped the electric then it could be the element has failed, if you test this with a multi meter it may have gone open circuit or there could be visible signs of the element burn out.

High Performance Compatible Element Used By Our Own Engineers

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Aeg Competence Oven Element Replacement

Replacement element for AEG competence cookers.

  • 2 Turns
  • 2400 watts
  • Height 225 mm
  • Width 210 mm
  • Bracket 70 mm
  • Tags 25 mm

These measurements are approximate as your old element could have distorted


Model Number Information

This part is suitable for the following models,

B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W UK, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W UK, E2191-4-A UK, B6100-1-D, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-W UK, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-W UK, CB4100-1-W SKAND., CB4140-1-B UK, CB4140-1-M UK, CB4140-1-W UK, CB6100-1-A EURO, CB6100-1-B EURO, CB6100-1-M UK, CB6100-1-M EURO, CB6100-1-W UK, CB6100-1-W EURO, CB8100-1-A EURO, CB8100-1-B EURO, CB8100-1-M EURO, CB8100-1-W EURO, CB8140-1-A EURO, CB8140-1-B EURO, CB8140-1-M EURO, CB8140-1-W EURO, CB8340-1-A UK, CB8340-1-M UK, CB8340-1-W UK, CE6100-1-A EURO, CE6100-1-B EURO, CE6100-1-M EURO, CE6100-1-W EURO, CE6140-1-M EURO, CE8100-1-A EURO, CE8100-1-B EURO, CE8100-1-M EURO, CE8100-1-W EURO, CE8140-1-B EURO, CE8140-1-M EURO, CE8140-1-W EURO, E2190-1-A, CB2190-1-M UK, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4140-1-A EURO, CB4140-1-B EURO, CB4140-1-M EURO, CB4140-1-W EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, CE4140-1-B EURO, CE4140-1-D EURO, CE4140-1-M EURO, CE4140-1-W EURO

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only.