Aeg Cooker Dual Grill Element 3117699011


Genuine Aeg cooker oven dual grill element 2800 watts will fit selected Aeg cookers, part number 3117699011.

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Genuine replacement Aeg Cooker Grill Element

  • Also known as Top element, Upper element, Dual element
  • Rated at 2800 Watts
  • Length 390mm
  • Width 350mm
  • Bracket 100mm
  • Tags 55mm
  • Cross Bar 373mm

All measurements are approximate your old element may have distorted slightly

Model Number Information

This part is suitable for the following models,

5212BU-A, (ALUMINIUM), D2160-1G2, (GREEN), D4100-1ME(STAINLESS), U3100-4-D, 5212BU-M2, (ST.STEEL), D2160-1M2, (S.STEEL), D4100-1MEX, U3100-4-M, 5212BU-W2, (WHITE), D2160-1W2, (WHITE), D4100-1W, U3100-4-W, D1100-4-M, D4100-1A, D4100-1WE, (WHITE), U3100-5-M, D1100-4-W, D4100-1AE(ALUMINIUM), D4150-1B2 (BLACK), U3100-5-W, D1100-5-M, D4100-1B, D4150-1M2, (ST.STEEL), U7101-4-A, D1100-5-W, D4100-1D, D4150-1W2, (WHITE), U7101-4-M, D2160-1B2, (BLACK), D4100-1M, U3100-4-B, U7101-5-M, D2160-1D2 (BROWN)

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only