Baumatic Cooker Fan Oven Element 2500 Watts 3 Turn


Quality replacement element as used by our own service engineers, will fit the above models, common faults reported when the element has failed are no heat but the fan is running, it may trip your RCD circuit breaker, upon inspection of the element you may see blow marks or the element could have split, more often than not it will have gone open circuit and will definetely need replacing. This element is rated at 2500 watts and is 3 turn.

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Replacement Baumatic Oven Element this is a high quality compatible element used by our own service engineers.

This could be supplied with either single tags or dual tags.

  • 3 Turns
  • 2500 Watts
  • Length 230 mm
  • Width 190 mm
  • Plate length 70 mm
  • Plate Width 20 mm
  • Distance between terminals 20 mm
  • Distance between hole centres 60 mm

All measurements are approximate as your old element will have distorted due to the age and heat.

Model Number Information

This part is suitable for the following models, B150B, B150W, B151, B151SS, B151SS-B, B151B, B180, B180SS-B, B185, B185SS, B185SS-B, B187, B187CSS, B187SS-B, B191, B205, B205SS, B205SSA, B271, B484SS, B600, B721BL-A, B721W-A, B722, B722SS-A, B723, B723SS-A, B724SS-A, B904SS, B9041SS-B, BC145, BC185SS, BT180SS, BT185SS, BT187CSS, BT270SS, BT400, BT497, BT720VE, BT902B, BT902W, BT904SS, BT904CSS, BT2350, BT2450 , BT2500SS, BT2400SS, BT2300SS

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only