Beko Cooker Dual Circuit Grill Element 2200 Watts


Genuine Beko Cooker Oven Grill Element Dual Circuit

This element is rated at 2200 watts and will fit selected Beko cookers.

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Will fit the following makes and models, BEKO BD634S, BDVC667W, ODF22300X, OIF22301XR, BD634W, BDVC667X, OIC21000W, OIM22300X, BDC643K, BDVC668W, OIF21100W, OIM22500XP, BDC643S, BDVC668X, OIF21101X, OIM25501X, BDC643W, BDVF696XP, OIF21300B, OIM25502X, BDVC663K, BDVI668X, OIF21300W, OIM25503X, BDVC663W, COOK69DFK, OIF22000X, OSF21121X, BDVC664K, DBDF243WG, OIF22100X, OSF21133SX, BDVC664S, DBDM223X, OIF22300X, OSF22110X, BDVC664W, DBM243BG, OIF22300XL, OSF22120X, BDVC665W, ODF21300B, OIF22300XR, OSF22125X, BDVC667S, ODF21300W, OIF22301XL, OSF22130SX, OSF22130X, OSF22135SX BLOMBERG BDO9564X, BEO9790X, HKN9310, HKN9310Z, BEO9414X EUROMAID BS6, CDDB60, DS1, MS8, BS8, CDDS60, ES60, MW8, BW8, CDDW60, EW60, PS12 FLAVEL FLS61FX, FLV91FX, ML61CDS, ML61CDW, FLS63FX LAMONA HJA3400, LAM3201, LAM3301, LAM4600, HJA3660, LAM3205, LAM3400, LAM4601, HJA4620, LAM3206, LAM3600 LEISURE GRB6CVC, GRB6CVR, LEVC67W, LEVI68X, GRB6CVK, GRB6FVK, LEVC67X