Beko Cooker Fan Oven Motor 264440102


Genuine Beko cooker fan oven motor, will fit selected Beko cookers, part number 264440102 if your fan has become noisy or just stopped this is more than likely the part you will need, easy fix.

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This motor will fit the following Beko cookers, BD533AK BD533AS BD533AW BD634S BD634W BDC643K BDC643S BDC643W BDV555AS BDV555AW BDV555AX BDVC563AK BDVC563AW BDVC663K BDVC663W BDVC664K BDVC664S BDVC664W BDVC665W BDVC667S BDVC667W BDVC667X BDVC668W BDVC668X BDVF696XP BDVI668X BSC630S BSC630W COOK59DCX COOK69DFK DBDF243WG DBDM223X DBM243BG ODF21300B ODF21300F ODF21300W ODF22300 ODF22300X OIF 21100W OIF21100W OIF21101X OIF21300B OIF21300W OIF22000X OIF22100X OIF22300X OIF22300XL OIF22300XR OIF22301XL OIF22301XR OIM22300X OIM22500XP OIM25501X OIM25502X OIM25503X OIM25702 OSF 21133 SX OSF21121X OSF21133SX OSF22110X OSF22120X OSF22125X OSF22130SX OSF22130X OSF22135SX