Beko Fridge Freezer Drain Hole Plunger Tool


Genuine Beko Fridge Drain Hole Tool

Handy little tool to keep your Beko fridges drain hole clear, you may have lost your old one or it has broken, some of the models it fits are listed below.

Beko Fridge Spares

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This little tool will fit the following Beko fridges, BC50F, BL20, CA5410S, CA5410W, CA5411FFS, CA5411FFS-2, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFW/1, CA5411FFW-2, CA5411FFX, CA6017S, CA6017W, CA7014FFX, CA7015FFS, CA7015FFS/1, CA7015FFW, CA7015FFX, CDA538S, CDA538S-1, CDA538W, CDA538W-1, CDA539FS, CDA539FS/1, CDA539FS-2

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