Beko Fridge Door Handles

Beko Fridge Door Handles Door handles to fit Beko fridges and freezers.


  • Beko Fridge And Freezer Door Handle 4328000400

    Genuine Beko fridge and freezer door handle, keep your fridge looking new and working properly with this door handle, if yours has broken and you are opening the fridge with just the door then you will damage the seal that keeps the door closed and the fridge cool.
  • Beko Fridge Freezer Drain Hole Plunger Tool

    Genuine Beko Fridge Drain Hole Tool

    Handy little tool to keep your Beko fridges drain hole clear, you may have lost your old one or it has broken, some of the models it fits are listed below.

    Beko Fridge Spares

  • Door Handle For Beko TLDA6 Fridge Freezer

    Beko TLDA6 Fridge Freezer Door Handle Silver 4328000300

    These types of door handle do wear out or break over time, if yours has broken please dont be tempted to open the door with the door itself and rubber seal as you will damage the seal, replacement is very easy usually only a couple of screws.

  • Genuine Beko Fridge White Door Handle 4321272400

    Beko Fridge White Door Handle (190mm long)

    Your fridge door handle is an important part of the fridge, if it has broken and your using the edge of the fridge door to get inside your fridge, you could be causing even further damage, if you damage the actual seal that keeps the fridge airtight you could be in for a shock, most modern fridges now do not allow you to replace this seal, you have to replace the whole door, might not be so bad your thinking, howether if you buy a new door it will not match your other door if its a fridge freezer because the paint on the old door will have aged and tainted, replace the broken handle this is a genuine Beko part so should fit perfectly.

  • Genuine Beko Refrigerator Glass Shelf Front Trim 4851900100




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