Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes


Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

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Replacement Beko Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

Over time, brushes in your washing machine can wear out, leading to decreased performance. This wear might manifest as a fault or problem in the spin or agitation cycle, affecting the machine’s ability to clean your clothes effectively.

By replacing the brushes, you can restore the washing machine’s performance, ensuring your drum rotates efficiently and your laundry comes out clean.

Whether you’re looking to solve a specific problem with your Beko washing machine or aiming to manage its maintenance proactively, these brushes are a smart and efficient solution.

Model Compatibility:

Tailored to fit many Beko models, these brushes ensure a perfect match with your appliance. Check your model number to find the right fit, and compare your old brushes with the image.

Enhanced Cleaning Performance:

The brushes play a crucial role in your machine’s cleaning and spin cycle, ensuring your clothes are thoroughly washed every time.

Durable and Efficient:

Made from durable materials, these brushes are designed for longevity and sustained efficiency, making them a reliable choice for your washer.

Easy Installation:

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, these brushes come with holders and are easy to install, offering a hassle-free way to maintain your appliance.


Quality replacement carbon brushes, as used by our service engineers, will fit the following Beko washing machines,

WM5140S, WM5140W, WM6103W, WM6120S, WM6123S, WM6123W, WM6133S, WM6133W, WM6142W, WM6143S, WM6143W, WM6152W, WMA1512S, WMA1512W, WMA1613S, WMA1614W, WMA1715S, WMA1715W, WMA610S, WMA610W, WMA620S, WMA620W, WMA641S, WMA641W, WMA642S, WMA642W, WMA647W, WMA651S, WMA651W, WMA652S, WMA657W, WMC61W, WMC62W, WMC64W