Bosch Cooker Oven Thermostat 057895


Bosch cooker oven thermostat, temperature limiter, will fit selected Bosch cookers, part number 057895 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement thermostat will fit the following Bosch cookers, HBK1450/01 HBK3560/01 HBN43M550A/03 HBN466AGB/01 HBK1450/02 HBN410AGB/01 HBN43M561B/01 HBN580650B/01 HBK1460/01 HBN410AGB/02 HBN450AGB/01 HBN7020GB/01 HBK2650/01 HBN410AGB/06 HBN450BGB/01 HBN7021GB/01 HBK2650/02 HBN412AGB/01 HBN452AGB/01 HBN7022GB/01 HBK2660/01 HBN412AGB/02 HBN452BGB/01 HBN7050GB/01 HBK3550/01 HBN412AGB/06 HBN455BGB/01 HBN7051GB/01 HBK3550GB/01 HBN430AGB/01 HBN456AGB/01 HBN7052GB/01 HBK3551GB/01 HBN432AGB/01 HBN456BGB/01 HBN7052GB/05 HBK3551GB/05 HBN435AGB/01 HBN462AGB/01 HBN7060GB/01 HBN7061GB/01 HEP220A/05 HEP2250/01 HEP2260/01 HBN7062GB/01 HEP2220/01 HEP2250CC/01 HEP2260CC/01 HBN9162GB/01 HEP2220CC/01 HEP225A/05 HEP226A/05 HBN9360GB/01 HEP222A/05 HEP225ACC/05 HEP226ACC/05 HEP2200/01 HEP222ACC/05