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Bosch Door Seal fits many models, check that yours does not have the spout if unsure email us. The purpose of the washing machine door seal is to provide a water tight seal when the door is closed, stopping any water from escaping out of the front of the washing machine. If your seal has worn or perished then water will escape onto your floor, often the seal is just worn at the front causing a small trickle of water to run down the front of the washer, other times there could be a split in the seal this may not be visible unless you have a good look around the seal inside your machine, either way it will need replacing before the problem gets any worse, or causes damage to other components inside your machine, not to mention the damage caused to your flooring and surrounding area where your washer is situated. Sometimes the door seal can become mouldy and show black staining, this has probably been caused by neglect, good practice is to wipe the seal after using to get rid of any excess water and then leave the washing machine door slightly open to let air inside, this will keep your door seal in a better condition for longer, also it should minimize the odour that a mouldy door seal gives off.

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This quality replacement door seal for bosch neff siemens washing machine, origanal part number 354135, fits models,


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