Repair Your Bosch Washing Machine

Here i have listed some Bosch washing machine error codes i hope you find them useful and help you identify the parts you need to fix your machine.

Bosch Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes.

F01 & F17 Inlet Valve

If you are getting this error code the most likey reason will be the Inlet valve, check the water supply to the valve and check no hoses are kinked.

F02 Heater

Check heater wiring and use a multi meter to check the heater for resistence.

F03 & F18 Drain Pump

Check the pump and hoses for blockages and check the pump with a multimeter for resistence.

F04 & F05 & F21 Carbon Brushes

Check your motor carbon brushes for wear and check the motor connections.

F08 & F16 Door Interlock

Check The door lock and catch and that the door is closed correctly.

Bosch Washing Machine Parts