Candy Cooker Oven Fan Element 2200 Watts


Quality replacement element as used by our own service engineers will fit the above cookers, over part numbers for this element is 91200888. 3 Turns 2200 watts Length 220 mm Width 190 mm Bracket : 70 mm Tags: 25 mm

In stock


This element will fit the following Candy cookers, 2D467X 2D468X CI330/1W CI330EN CI330ES CI330EW CI5412/3N CI5412/3W CI5412/3X CI5412/3XE CI5412N CI5412W CI5412X CI5412XE CI654EN CI654EW CI654EX CI654N CI654W CI654X F132/3MUK F132/3NUK F132/3WUK F132MUK F132WUK F134/3NUK F134/3WUK F134/3XUK F211 X UK F21M UK F21W UK F232/3XUK F232XUK F233/3BMUK F233/3NUK F233/3VUK F233/3WUK F233/3XUK F233BLUK F233NUK F233VUK F233WUK F234/3NUK F234/3WUK F234/3XUK F234MUK F234NUK F234WUK F234XUK F241/1M UK F241/1W UK F254/3CN F254/3CW F254/3CX F254/3N F254/3NUK F254/3W F254/3WUK F254/3X F254/3XAUS F254/3XOS F254/3XUK F2540X F254CN F254CW F254CX F254N F254W F254X F254XAUS F254XOS F255/3X F2550X F255X F330/1FRW F330FRN F330FRS F330FRW F330N F330S F330W F330WISR F331/1M UK F331/1W UK FFN403X FFN8071XL FFN807XL FFN817XL FHP827X FHP927X FHP975X FL132NUK FL132WUK FL132XUK FL134NUK FL134WUK FL134XUK FLGK1331TB FNP602X FNP622X FNP815X FNP815XUK FNP825X FNP827AL FNP827X FNPC825X FP602XUK FP622N FP622W FP622X FP622XAUS FP815AL FP815N FP815NUK FP815WUK FP815X FP815XUK FP825AL FP825X FP825XAUS FP827AL FP827ALAUS FP835CAL FP835CN FP835CW FP835CX FPC825AL FPC825X FPP403N FPP403W FPP403X FPP406X FPP407N FPP407W FPP407X FPP825X FPP827X FS817AQUA FS828ZEN FS975ZEN FVH927X FVP927X OVC245/1MUK OVC245/1WUK OVC245M U.K. OVC245W U.K. OVF215/1M UK OVF215/1W UK OVF215M U.K. OVF215W U.K. OVF245/1BLUK OVF245/1GFUK OVF245/1M UK OVF245/1W UK OVF245BL U.K OVF245GF U.K OVF245M U.K. OVF245W U.K. OVF265/1M UK OVF265/1W UK OVF265M U.K. OVF265W U.K. R241/1M UK R241/1W UK R241/2M UK R241/2W UK R43/3GHCRUK R43/3XUK