Candy Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021913


Genuine Candy washing machine drum paddle lifter part number 41021913 if this part is loose or has detached from your inner drum, then it could cause damage to your clothes, easy to fix at a reasonable price compared to a new machine, also known as Drum Lifter, Drum Agitator, Clothes Lifter, Agitator.

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This replacement drum paddle will fit the following Candy washers, CDB264-80 CO108F-12 CWB814D-80S GO108/2-01 CDB464-47S CO108F-37S GO107/1-01 GO108/2-16S CDB475D/1-01 CO127DF-16S GO107/1-04S GO108-01 CDB475D-01S CO128DF-12 GO107-04S GO108-04S CDB485D/1-37 CO217-47 GO107-36S GO1080D-36S CDB485D-37S CO372-47 GO107DF/1-01 GO108-16S CDB754D/1-8 CWB1307-01S GO107DF-01 GO108DF/1 CDB754D-80 CWB1308-37S GO108/1-01 GO108DF-01 CDB854D-80 CWB714-80S GO108/1-16S GO108DF-16S CKDGO128 CWB714D-80S GO108/1-37 GO108TXT-07S GO109-01 GO1280D-37 GO1282DS-18 GO129E-86S GO12102D-04 GO1280DX-37S GO1282D-UK GO147/1-01 GO12102D-37 GO1282-80 GO1284L-12 GO147DF-47 GO121054L GO1282D/1-1 GO128-86S GO147DF-84 GO121054L-1 GO1282D-01 GO128DF-18S GO147DF-84S GO127-18S GO1282D-04OS GO128TXT-07S GO148/1-86S GO1272D-84S GO1282D-04S GO1292D-12 GO148/2-86S GO127DF-18S GO1282D-12 GO1292D-37S GO148/3-86S GO1280D-01 GO1282D-18S GO1292DE-S GO1480D-37 GO1280D-16S GO1282D-37 GO129-86S GO1480D-86S GO1480DH-01 GO1482DH-01 GO149-47 GO282/1-80 GO1480DH-86S GO1482DH-16S GO1494DH-16S GO282/2-80 GO1480HLS GO148-47 GO1494LE-01 GO282-80 GO148-14 GO1484LE-01 GO1494LE-47 GO292-80 GO1482-80 GO148-86S GO1672D-84 GO482/1-80 GO1482D-14 GO148DF-03S GO1675D-84 GO482/2-80 GO1482D-47 GO148DF-47 GO1682-80 GO482-80 GO1482D-84 GO148L-47 GO1682D-84 GO492-80 GO1482D-86S GO1492D-01 GO1682D-86S GO682-80 GO1482DE-47 GO1492DH-16S GO218-47 GO712-47 GO713/1-47 GOF107-36S GOF147-01S GOW485D/1-47 GO714/1-47 GOF108/1-16 GOF472/2-80 GOW485D-01S GO812D-12S GOF108/2-16 GOW1458/1-3 GOW485D-47 GO822-47 GOF108-16S GOW1458-37S GOW485DS-04 GO914-49 GOF127/1-47 GOW338D-47 GOW485D-UK GODF800/1 GOF127/2-47 GOW475-47 GOW496D-01S GODF800-80 GOF127-01S GOW475-80 GOW496D-12S GOF107/1-36 GOF127-47 GOW485D/1-01 SKDGO149 GOF107/2-36S GOF137-47