Electrolux Cooker Oven Grill Element 3491255018


Genuine Electrolux cooker oven grill element will fit selected Electrolux cookers. This element is rated at 2350 Watts. If your grill is not heating up, or is tripping your RCD this could be the cause, upon inspection of your element it may have split or could be out of shape, if tested it may have gone open circuit, either way it will need replacing, this really is an easy DIY job.

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This grill element will fit the following Electrolux cookers, EKC5544K, EKC6044K, EKC6046K, EKC6049X, EKC5544W, EKC6044W, EKC6046W, EKT6045X, EKC5545X, EKC6045X, EKC6047X