Electrolux Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheels 50269971003


Genuine Electrolux dishwasher lower basket wheels, will fit selected Electrolux dishwashers, if your basket is difficult to pull out and push in then these will help it slide like new again.

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These basket wheels will fit the following Electrolux dishwashers, DW125W ESF632 ESI604B ESI654K ESF609 ESF662 ESI604W ESI654W ESF610 ESF663 ESI650B ESI654X ESF610 -BIO ESF672K ESI650K ESI664A ESF611 ESF673 ESI650W ESI664B ESF612 ESI600B ESI650X ESI664K ESF614 ESI600W ESI652B ESI664W ESF619 ESI602B ESI652W ESI664X ESF619K ESI602W ESI652X ESI669B ESF620 ESI602X ESI654B ESI669K ESI669W ESL624 ESL679I ESL694 ESI669X ESL653 ESL692 ESL972 ESL614 ESL672 ESL692.1 LL12B ESL620 ESL673 ESL693