Genuine Electrolux Cooker Oven fan Element 3570104012


Genuine Electrolux cooker fan oven element will fit selected Electrolux cookers, part number 3570104012, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, if your cookers oven isnt heating up this could be the cause.

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This replacement element will fit the following Electrolux cookers, EOB260W EOB847B EOQ105XS EPSO MBR EOB260X EOB847W EOQ365X EPSO MSS EOB495K EOB966B EOQ665U EPSO MWH EOB660W EOB966BK EOQ665X EPSO SBR EOB660X EOB966W EOQ965U EPSO SWH EOB842B EOB966X EOQ965X FORNO M6/P EOB 660 X EOB842W EOQ105US