Genuine Vax Vacuum Cleaner Brush Bar Drive Belt Pack of 1 Power 3 4 8 & 9


Genuine Vax vacuum cleaner brushbar belt, part number 1912900900 We only supply genuine manufacturers spare parts, or good quality compatible parts that our own engineers use to repair our customers appliances. Please be aware there are cheap inferior parts available online which we dont supply. I will not sell any part that i am not happy to use to repair our customers appliances.

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This belt will fit the following Vax hoovers, Vax, Power 3 U91-P3 Power 3 U88-P3-B Power 3 Pet U91-P3P Power 3 Pet U88-P3-P Power 4 U91-P4 Power 4 U90-P4-B Power 4 Complete U90-P4-C Power 4 Pet U91-P4P Power 4 Pet U90-P4-P Power 8 U89-P8-B Power 8 Pet U89-P8-P Power 9 U89-P9-B Power 9 Pet U89-P9-P Power 9 Total Home U89-P9-T VAX V-2200U U89-VU-R-A