Genuine Zanussi Cooker Oven fan Element 3570104012


Genuine Zanussi cooker fan oven element will fit selected Zanussi cookers, part number 3570104012, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, if your cookers oven isnt heating up this could be the cause. If you would like to read more about fan oven elements you can do so Here

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This replacement element will fit the following Zanussi cookers, BMS641X ZBF360W ZBF860X ZBM170LX ZBC741R ZBF360X ZBF863B ZBM170X ZBC748C ZBF660B ZBF863W ZBM878B ZBC748G ZBF660N ZBF865A ZBM878N ZBC848C ZBF660W ZBF865B ZBM878W ZBC848CU ZBF660X ZBF865N ZBM878X ZBC848G ZBF669SW ZBF865W ZBM879SB ZBF260W ZBF669SX ZBF865X ZBM879SW ZBF260X ZBF860B ZBF865Y ZBM879SX ZBF360B ZBF860W ZBM150X ZBM890B ZBM890W ZBQ665W ZBS703SS ZCE630X ZBM972ALU ZBQ665X ZBS703W ZCE631X ZBM973ALU ZBQ665XR ZBS772X ZCE700X ZBQ365 X ZBQ965ALU ZBS773X ZCM5000 ZBQ365B ZBQ965ALUR ZBS869X ZCM500W ZBQ365N ZBQ965N ZBS963X ZCM610X ZBQ365W ZBQ965W ZBV848G ZCM611X ZBQ665ALU ZBQ965X ZCE610X ZCM620X ZBQ665ALUR ZBQ965XR ZCE611X ZCM630X ZBQ665N ZBS663 X ZCE620X ZCM631X ZCM700X ZDF866B ZDM868B ZDM891W ZDC888C ZDF866W ZDM868W ZSM703SS ZDC888G ZDF866X ZDM869X ZSM705W ZDF86 ZDM86 ZDM891B