Hepa Filter Set For Vax Midi 2 Series


Hepa Filter Set For Vax Midi 2 Series

Highe perfoemance filter set for the following Vax models.

HEPA filter set (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) traps more dust and harmful dirt allergens than a regular filter, keeping your home free from airborne dust – essential for allergy sufferers

Kit Includes 1 x Washable post motor filter & 1 x Washable HEPA pre motor filter

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Fits the following Vax models,

C88-VC-P-A, C88-VC-P-S, C88-VC-T-A, Power Midi 2 series: C89-PM2-B, C89-PM2-P, Astrata: C90-AS-B-AS, Centrix 2: C90-CX2-P-A, C90-EL-B-C, Power Midi series: C90-PM-B, C90-PM-O, C90-PMV-B, VRS11s

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