Hoover Cooker Oven Fan Element 2200 Watts


Quality replacement element as used by our own service engineers will fit the above cookers, over part numbers for this element is 91200888. 3 Turns 2200 watts Length 220 mm Width 190 mm Bracket : 70 mm Tags: 25 mm

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This element will fit the following Hoover cookers, HFO0415/1X HFO415/1B HFO415/1W HFO415/1X HFO415B HFO415W HFO415X HMO837X HOC704X HOP2043B HOP2043W HOP2043X HOP4074X HOP4075VX HOP455X HOS4075VX HOS4075VXDIS HOS456X HOS556X