Hoover Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021914


Genuine Hoover washing machine drum paddle also known as lifter or agitator, part number 41021914 if yours have come loose or are completly off then its an easy fix to stop your machine damaging your clothes.

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Will fit the following Hoover washers, DYN7124D/1 DYNS7126PG OPH613/1-86 OPH616-80 DYN7124D-85S HHET6140 OPH613-86S OPH714DF/1 DYN7124DZ/1 HHET6163 OPH614/1-86 OPH714DF-80 DYN7144D/1- HHETS6120 OPH614/2-80 OPH716DF/1- DYN7144D-16 HWB240/1-80 OPH614-80 OPH716DF-80 DYN7144DP-80 HWB614-30S OPH614-86S OPHS612/1-8 DYNS6104DZ- MK7160/1-84 OPH616/1-80 OPHS612-80 DYNS6126P-3 MK7160-84 OPH616/2-80 OPHS712B/1 DYNS7104DZG OPH513-86S OPH6163D186S OPHS712DF-80 DYNS7124DG/1 OPH610-86S OPH6163D-86S SE147/3-80 VHD146A VHD611P/1-30 VHD6144D/1-8 VHD616-86S VHD146A/1 VHD612/1-89 VHD6144D-84 VHD616ZI-16S VHD146A/2 VHD612/2-89 VHD614-86S VHD710/2-85 VHD147A VHD612-16S VHD614Z/1-14 VHD714/1-84 VHD514/1-84 VHD612Z/1-14 VHD616/1-84 VHD714/2-84 VHD610/1-04 VHD6135D-37S VHD616/2-84 VHD71424D VHD610/1-30 VHD614/1-84 VHD6163D-86S VHD71424D/1 VHD610-04S VHD614/2-84 VHD6164D/1 VHD7144D/1- VHD610-17 VHD614/3-84 VHD6164D/2 VHD7144D/3- VHD6114ZD-30 VHD6143D-86S VHD6164D-84 VHD7144D/4- VHD714-89S VHDF714-89S VHDS6113D04S VHF514-84 VHD716/1-84 VHDF716-89S VHDS6113D-30 VHF608-30 VHD716/2-84 VHDFS610-30 VHDS6123D07S VHF610-30 VHD71624D VHDS510-30 VHDS6123PD VHF610-85S VHD71624D/1 VHDS609-30 VHDS6124D/1- VHF612/1-84 VHD7164D/1 VHDS610-16S VHDS6124D-07 VHF612-85S VHD7164D/1- VHDS610-30 VHDS612-86S VHF614/1-84 VHD7164D-89 VHDS6103D07S VHDS6143ZD86 VHF614/1-89 VHDF710-30 VHDS6104ZD-3 VHDS614PI-30 VHF614-84 VHDF712-85S VHDS610Z-30 VHF514/1-84 VHF614-89S VHFS510-30 VHW654D-80 WDYN654D-30S WDYNS654D-80 VHFS608-30 VHW656D-80 WDYNS642D-3 WMH147DF/2 VHW644D-30S