Hoover Washing Machine Motor Brushes


Hoover washing machine motor carbon brushes will fit the sole type motors fitted to selected Hoover washing machines.

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Replacement motor carbon brushes to fit selected Hoover washing machines, e08 hoover washing machine is one of the most common error codes and more often than not its these small parts that can cause a big problem, luckily they are easy to replace just make sure you unplug the machine from the mains supply before you start.

  • Holders 47mm
  • Carbon approx 27mm x 12mm x 5mm
  • Terminals 4.8mm

All sizes are approximate please compare your old brushes with the image as some models were fitted with different parts, if in doubt please contact us.

Model Number Information

This part is suitable for the following models,

AIS136 31 AL80 CLD135-01 H5 13MDE AIS136PL AL80 11 DYN8164D-80 H70M6 SY AIS136SY AL86 11 DYN9144DG H80E AL120 AM1042S11 H100EPL HDB244-80 AL120 11 AM110 11 H110M HDB284-80 AL126 11 AM1243S 11 H110M6 SY HDB284-SY AL130 AM130 11 H120E HDB854D/1-30 AL130 11 AM132 11 H127-47 HF100E AL130 31 AM842S H147-47 HF120E AL132 11 AM843S 11 H5 13MCE HF140E HF7130MUK HN4805-30S HNF 6127 HNF6127-37S HFN7313 HN5125-84S HNF2127-80 HNF6127-80 HFN7613 HN5135-83M HNF2137-80 HNF6137-16S HI148 HN6125-89S HNF2137S-80 HNF6137-88M HI168 HN6135/1-84 HNF3147-80 HNF6137P HLN6212 HN6135/1-86S HNF3157-80 HNF6147 HN33 5654 HN6135-84 HNF3167-80 HNF6147-80 HN33 6804 HN6135-86S HNF3167S-80 HNF6157S-80 HN336104-30 HN6145-84 HNF6107-85 HNF6167-80 HN4105-30S HN6146-84 HNF6127 HNF6167P HNF687-85 HNF9137-86 HNL2126-80 HNL6126-86S HNF7127 HNF9147Z HNL2126S-80 HNL6126S HNF7127S-80 HNF9167 HNL2136-80 HNL6136-86S HNF7128-80 HNF9167-03 HNL2136S HNL6136S HNF7138-80 HNF9167-16 HNL6106.5-04 HNL6146-83 HNF7147 HNF9167-83M HNL6106/1-37 HNL6146-83M HNF7148-80 HNF9167-86 HNL6106-37S HNL6146-84 HNF7167-80 HNF9167Z HNL6106Z-30 HNL6146-86 HNF71683D-80 HNF9167Z-80 HNL6126 HNL686/1-30 HNF9137-03S HNF9167ZS-80 HNL6126-31OS HNL686/1-37S HNL686-30 HNWF3135 HNWF6167-84M HNWL6126E HNL686-37S HNWF3137 HNWF6167-86 HNWL6126E-30 HNL7126-80 HNWF6135 HNWF6167-88M HNWL6136 HNL7126S-80 HNWF6135S HNWF7137-80 HNWL6136-84S HNL842-80 HNWF6137 HNWF7167-80 HNWL6136-85S HNL9116-85S HNWF6137E HNWF7168-80 HNWL6136S-80 HNL9126-16S HNWF6165-88 HNWF9167-80 HNWL6146 HNL9136-03S HNWF6167-14 HNWL3126 HNWL6146-84 HNL9136-37S HNWF6167-80 HNWL3136 HNWL7136 HNL9136-80 HNWF6167-84 HNWL3136S HNWL7136-80 HNWL7136S HP16-80 HPL145-84 HSWD146 HNWL7146-80 HP6 110M HPL146-84 HSWF147-80 HNWL7146A-88 HP6 120M HPWD136-80 HSWF167-80 HP11-80 HP6 130M HPWD166-80 HV6 16-47 HP12J-80 HPA135-80 HSE130M HVP16-03S HP13-80 HPA146-80 HSPF157 HVP16AL-HV6A HP13ECE HPB145-80 HSPF167 HVP16ALU-03S HP13EDE HPE236-80 HSW2115M HW355-47 HP14-80 HPF137 HSW2125M HW5213MUK HP14J-80 HPF167-80 HSWD126-80 HW556-47 HW6313ECE HWF5516ECE OPH716D-80 SE234-80 HW6313MUK HWM120TS80 PE235-80 SKDHNL6137ZX HWB240-80 HWP12-80 PFA137-80 VHD106-16S HWB280-30S KITHNL3137 PFA167-80 VHD146-86S HWB280-80 KITHNL3137SM PFW135-80 VHD168/1-86S HWB280D-80S LSTEEL1059E PFW137-80 VHD33410-30 HWD120-80 OHFN4117 PPA 136-80 VHD33510 HWD120TD80 OHFN6711-37 PPA136S VHD33510-16S HWD130J-80 OHNL6116 PPA146-80 VHD335104ZD HWF5513EF OHNWF6127 PPW126-80 VHD33511ZD VHD610-30 VHD8164D-86S VHW964D-14S VISION16SY VHD6135D-37S VHD862-80 VHW964D-80 VISION16SYRE VHD614-84 VHD8816D-47 VISION16 W105SX/1 VHD6163D-86S VHD9103D-37S VISION16 ALU WDM130 11 VHD710-30 VHD944D-80 VISION16EAST WDYN854DG VHD7164D-84 VHW854ZD/1 VISION16P UK WDYN856DG VHD716-84 VHW856D-80 VISION16PLUS WT1408E VHD8163D-86S