Hotpoint Green Spot Thermostat


The temperatures of these green spot thermostats

Green Spot is 130C and the other is 106C which is an auto reset stat or cycling stat.
The 106C thermostat is the cycling thermostat and will switch the heater on and off.
The Green spot thermostat is a one shot thermostat once operated will not reset.
If the green spot thermostat has operated then your dryer will not heat up, and you will need to replace both theremostats even though only one has failed.
There will be an underlying fault that has caused the Green spot thermostat to overheat and fail.
Common causes can be.
Blocked Hoses.
Blocked Filters.
Check Air Ducts On Condenser.

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Some of the Hotpoint models these thermostats fit, TC11P TC72P (after date code 64) TDC30S TDC60P TC71N (after date code 64) TC72PE (after date code 65) TDC30YS TDC60S TC71P (after date code 64) TC72X (after date code 64) TDC32N TDC60YS TC71PE (after date code 65) TCM65A TDC32P TDC62N TC71X (after date code 64) TDC30N TDC32S TDC62P TC72N (after date code 64) TDC30P TDC60N TDC62S