Are you looking for Hotpoint tumble dryer spares and parts? Whether a simple repair or more complex maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Our store is stocked with a wide range of items to cater to various models of Hotpoint dryers. Experience the ease of fixing your dryer with our high-quality parts and service.

Here’s a handy guide if you encounter any error codes on your Hotpoint dryer. For more complex issues, don’t hesitate to call our expert services. Our skilled technicians are ready to assist you with any problem or questions.

F01: Motor Circuit Fault – A common issue indicating a problem in the motor’s electrical circuit. Repairs can be straightforward with the correct part.

F02: Motor Fault Open Or Short Circuit – This requires a thorough check of the motor connections. Technicians often handle this job efficiently.

F03: Front Thermostat Fault – This affects the dryer’s heating system. This fault can be resolved with a new thermostat available in our store.

F04: Rear Thermostat Fault – Similar to the front thermostat, but located at the rear. Our appliance repair services can help.

F08: Heater Open Or Closed Circuit – This problem affects the heating element and can be fixed by ordering the correct part from us.

F09: Controller Set Up File Error – A rare issue that may require a professional resolution service.

F12: Control Module Communication Error – Indicates a communication problem within the dryer’s system. Our technicians can offer help and advice.

F13: Air Duct Thermostat Overheating – This issue can be a safety concern, and we recommend professional service for repair.

F14: Rear Thermostat Overheating – Similar to F13, and can be addressed with our parts and services.

For any questions about these error codes or if you need advice on the right parts and repairs, our customer service team is here to help. They have vast experience in handling all types of dryer problems. Don’t forget every purchase comes with a satisfaction warranty for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or seeking professional repair services, our comprehensive selection of Hotpoint dryer parts offers both quality and affordability. Plus, with our easy-to-navigate content and detailed details about each part, you’ll find exactly what you need for your dryer repair job.