Hotpoint Larder Fridge Thermostat Genuine Part K59 P4967


Genuine Hotpoint Larder Fridge Thermostat C00261055


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Fits the following Hotpoint models, 21160/ 21160/ 21161/ 21161/ 8109/ 8109A/ 8109A/ 8109P/ 8109P/ 8109W/ 8109W/ 8112A/ 8112A/ 8112P/ 8112P/ 8112W/ 8112W/ 81160/ 81160/ 81162/ 81162/ 81164/ 81164/ 81170/ 81170/ 81172/ 81172/ 81174/ 81174/ 81190/ 81192/ 81194/ 8120/ 8120A/ 8120A/ 8120T/ 8120T/ 8120W/ 8120W/ 8123W/ 8123W/ 8126/ 8126A/ 8126A/ 8126P/ 8126P/ 8126W/ 8126W/ 8127/ 8127P/ 8127P/ 8127W/ 8127W/ 8128/ 8128P/ 8128P/ 8129/ 8129A/ 8129A/ 8129P/ 8129P/ 8129W/ 8129W/ 8130W/ 8130W/ 8132A/ 8132A/ 8132P/ 8132P/ 8132W/ 8132W/ 85220/ 85222/ 85224/ 8550/ 8550A/ 8550A/ 8550T/ 8550T/ 8550W/ 8550W/ 8551A/ 8551A/ 8551T/ 8551T/ 8551W/ 8551W/ 85530/ 85530/ 8553A/ 8553A/ 8553P/ 8553P/ 8553W/ 8553W/ 8554A/ 8554A/ 8554P/ 8554P/ 8554W/ 8554W/ 8555/ 8555A/ 8555A/ 8556A/ 8556A/ 8562/ 8562A/ 8562A/ 8562P/ 8562P/ 8562W/ 8562W/ 8570P/ 8570P/ 8571P/ 8571P/ 8591A/ 8591A/ 8591P/ 8591P/ 8591W/ 8591W/ 8592A/ 8592A/ 8592P/ 8592P/ 8592W/ 8592W/ 86201/ 86202/ 86202N/ 86203/ 86204/ 86205/ 86206G/ 86402/ 86506/ 86611 , FF60A/ 60A/ 60P/ 60P/ 60W/ 60W , J152LW , R153/ 153LW , RL00P/ 00P/ 00PC/ 00PC/ 01P/ 01P/ 03/ 03A/ 03A/ 03P/ 03P/ 03W/ 03W/ 04/ 04A/ 04A/ 04P/ 04P/ 05P/ 05P/ 10A/ 10A/ 10P/ 10P/ 10W/ 10W/ 11A/ 11A/ 11P/ 11P/ 11W/ 11W/ 13/ 13N/ 13N/ 13P/ 13P/ 13X/ 13X/ 60A/ 60A/ 60P/ 60P/ 60W/ 60W/ 61/ 61A/ 61A/ 61G/ 61G/ 61P/ 61P/ 61W/ 61W/ 63/ 63G/ 63G/ 63H/ 63H/ 63N/ 63N/ 63P/ 63P/ 63S/ 63S/ 63T/ 63T/ 63U/ 63U/ 63X/ 63X/ 64/ 64H/ 64H/ 64N/ 64N/ 64P/ 64P/ 64S/ 64S/ 64T/ 64T/ 64U/ 64U/ 64X/ 64X/ 64YS/ 64YS/ 65N/ 65N/ 65P/ 65P/ 65S/ 65S/ 65YS/ 65YS/ 78N/ 78N/ 78P/ 78P/ 78S/ 78S/ 78YS/ 78YS Due To The Nature Of This Part It Is Non Returnable MANUFACTURERS NAMES AND NUMBERS ARE USED FOR REFERENCE ONLY