Hotpoint SY36X SY36X/1 SY37W Cooker Oven Element 2000 Watts


Cooker oven element to fit Hotpoint cookers, this element is rated at 2000 Watts. Common faults reported when the fan oven element has failed will be the fan is working and the oven light is on, but there is no heat, generally the element will have gone open circuit or will have visual blow marks and will certainly need replacing. Most oven elements can be replaced from the front without removing the cooker from the housing.

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Will fit the following Hotpoint ovens, Hotpoint, 60HEP BD32K MK2 BD52P MK2 BS53X 61DCW BD32K/2 BD52P/2 BS53X/1 61DCW(T) BD32P MK2 BD62SS MK2 BU72B MK2 62DCW BD32P/2 BD62SS/2 BU72B/2 AHP37X BD42SS MK2 BS43B BU72K MK2 AHP37X/1 BD42SS/2 BS43B/1 BU72K/2 ARC60W BD52B MK2 BS43K BU72P MK2 ARC60X BD52B/2 BS43K/1 BU72P/2 BD32B MK2 BD52K MK2 BS43W BU82SS MK2 BD32B/2 BD52K/2 BS43W/1 BU82SS/2 C367EIH CH60EKS DH93K DY46W MK2 C367EKH CH60EKW DH93X DY46W/2 C367EKH(T) DE47X DHS53CX DY46X MK2 C367EWH DE47X/2 DHS53X DY46X MK2(T) C367EWH(T) DH53B DQ47I/2 DY46X/2 C367EXH DH53CK DQ47IMK2 EG74G C368EWH DH53K DSC60S EG74P CH60DHKF DH53W DSD60S EG74X CH60DHSF DH53X DY46K MK2 EW12C CH60DHWF DH93CX DY46K/2 EW12P EW74G HAE60X KD6E35W SHS33CX EW74G(T) HUD61G KD6G35M SHS33X EW74K HUD61K KD6G35X SHS33XK EW74K(T) HUD61P SC36EB SY36B EW74P HUD61X SC36EK SY36B/1 EW74P(T) HUE61G SC36EW SY36K EW74X HUE61K SC36EX SY36K/1 EW74X(T) HUE61P SH33K SY36W HAE60K HUE61X SH33W SY36W/1 HAE60P HUE63P SH33X SY36X SY36X/1 UE47X UHS53X UY46W MK2 SY37W UE47X/2 UQ47I MK2 UY46X MK2(T) SY37W/1 UH53B UQ47I/2 UY46X/2 SY37X UH53K UY46K MK2 UY46XMK2 SY37X/1 UH53W