Hotpoint TCD970, TCD980, TCL770, TCL780 Tumble Dryer Heater Element


Quality replacement heater as used by our own service engineers will fit selected Hotpoint dryers. A2 (One Shot + Cycling + NTC + TOD) Heater Element Important: Please note there are 2 versions of heater that can be used on these models, this one is called the A2 heater. To identify if this heater is for your model, you will need to look at the back of the dryer. If there is a round Blue sticker on the back of the dryer in the top righthand corner then you will need this heater

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Will fit the following Hotpoint dryers, AQC9BF5EZ1UK, AQCF952BUUK, TCD980G, TCL780P, AQC9BF5IZ1UK, TCD970A, TCD980K, TCL785BP, AQC9BF5SZ1UK, TCD970G, TCD980P, TCUD93B6GZUK, AQCF852BIUK, TCD970K, TCD985BP, TCUD93B6KZUK, AQCF852BUUK, TCD970P, TCL770G, TCUD93B6PZUK, AQCF952BIUK, TCD975P, TCL770P, AQCF952BSUK, TCD980A, TCL780G