Hotpoint TDC30YS TDC32S TDC32P TDC32N Tumble Dryer Thermostat Kit Pair


Quality replacement thermostat kit will fit selected Hotpoint dryers, this thermostat kit is used by our own service engineers, please note the colour of the stats may differ as the manufacturers change their design from time to time. Tumble dryer thermostats control the heater inside your dryer, they switch power on and off to the heater. When they fail this will cause the dryer not to have any heat so the clothes will not dry, changing the thermostats is relatively easy and should only be attempted if you are competent and with the machine disconnected from the mains supply. Most thermostats come in a kit with 2 thermostats, these both have different roles within the dryer, and if they are supplied in a kit both should be replaced even though there may be only one that is not working, as with all parts they are model specific so you need to get the correct ones for your make and model.

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Will fit Hotpoint, TC71N**, TC71P**, TC71PE**, TC71X**, TC72N**, TC72P**, TC72PE**, TC72X**, TCM65A, TDC30N, TDC30P, TDC30S, TDC30YS, TDC32N, TDC32P, TDC32S, TDC60N, TDC60P, TDC60S, TDC60YS, TDC62N, TDC62P, TDC62S