Ignis Cooker Oven Door Hinge 481241719153


Ignis cooker oven door hinge, will fit selected cookers, part number 481241719153 if your oven door is not closing as good as it used to then this could be the part for you.

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Ignis AKL874/GR, AKL874/IX, AKL874/WH, AKL875/AV, AKL875/WH, AKL876/AV, AKL876/IX, AKL876/WH AKL429/NA/01, AKL436/JA, AKL490/AV, AKL490/IX, AKL490/WH, AKL827/AV, AKL827/WH, AKL828/AV, AKL828/GR, AKL828/IX, AKL828/JA, AKL828/WH, AKL829/IX, AKL833/AV, AKL833/WH AKL381/WH, AKL392/AV, AKL392/WH, AKL393/AV, AKL393/WH, AKL394/AV, AKL394/WH, AKL404/AV, AKL404/WH AKL392/AV, AKL392/AV/01, AKL392/WH, AKL392/WH/01, AKL393/AV, AKL393/WH, AKL394/AV, AKL394/WH, AKL404/AV, AKL404/AV/01, AKL404/WH, AKL404/WH/01, AKL429/01RUSTIC, AKL429/GR/01, AKL429/WH, AKL429/WH/01, AKL436/AV, AKL436/WH, AKL437/AV, AKL437/WH, AKL446IX, AKL477/AV, AKL477/WH