Neff Cooker Oven Control Knob 189685


Genuine Neff Cooker Oven Knob Switch 189685

Will fit selected Neff cookers.

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Genuine Neff Oven Hob Switch

This part will fit the following Neff cookers, B1451N1GB/07, T2346N0/02, T2346N0RK/02, T2734N0/03,
B1476N1GB/01, T2346N0/03, T2346N0RK/03, T2734N0/09,
T2334N0/01, T2346N0/03, T2346N1/01, T2736N0/01,
T2344N0/01, T2346N0/10, T2346N1RU/01, T2736N0/02,
T2344N0/02, T2346N0IL/01, T2346S1/01, T2736N0/03,
T2344N0/03, T2346N0IL/14, T2346W0/02, T2736N0/09,
T2344N0/10, T2346N0IL/15, T23R2N0/01, T2736N0NL/01,
T2344N1/01, T2346N0IT/01, T23R2N0NL/01, T2736N0NL/04,
T2346A0/10, T2346N0IT/09, T2734N0/01, T2736N0NL/07,
T2346N0/01, T2346N0RK/01, T2734N0/02, T2746N0/01,
T2746N0/02, T2764N1/01, T2766N0AU/02, T2766N1NL/04,
T2746N0/07, T2764S0/02, T2766N0AU/03, T2766N1NL/07,
T2746N1/01, T2766A0/02, T2766N0AU/07, T2766N1NL/09,
T2764N0, T2766N0/01, T2766N0IL/01, T2766W0/02,
T2764N0/01, T2766N0/02, T2766N0IL/15, T27R6N0/01,
T2764N0/02, T2766N0/03, T2766N0IT/01, T27R6N0NL/01,
T2764N0/03, T2766N0/07, T2766N0IT/07, U1461N1GB/07,
T2764N0/07, T2766N0/09, T2766N0IT/08, U1721N2GB/01,
T2764N0/09, T2766N0AU/01, T2766N1/01, U1721N2GB/05

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