Neff Cooker Oven Door Seal 489140


Neff cooker oven door seal genuine manufacturers spare part number 489140 if your oven isnt performing how it used to do, losing heat, not holding the temperature, replacing this should increase the ovens efficiency.

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Models this part fits, 195307141(00) B1320S2GB/01 B1421N2GB/05 B1431S2/01 B1310N2GB/01 B1320S2GB/02 B1421S2GB/01 B1431W2/01 B1320A2GB/01 B1320S2GB/03 B1421S2GB/02 B1432A2GB/01 B1320A2GB/03 B1320W2GB/01 B1421W2GB/01 B1432A2GB/02 B1320B2GB/01 B1320W2GB/02 B1421W2GB/02 B1432B2GB/01 B1320B2GB/02 B1320W2GB/03 B1428C2GB/01 B1432B2GB/02 B1320B2GB/03 B1421B2GB/01 B1428K2GB/01 B1432N2GB/01 B1320N2GB/01 B1421B2GB/02 B1428V2GB/01 B1432N2GB/02 B1320N2GB/02 B1421N2GB/01 B1431N2/01 B1432N2GB/05 B1320N2GB/05 B1421N2GB/02 B1431N2/05 B1432S2GB/01 B1432S2GB/02 B1471S2EU/01 B1541N2/05 B1641S2GB/01 B1432W2GB/01 B1481C2/01 B1541S2/01 B1641W2/01 B1432W2GB/02 B1481J2/01 B1541W2/01 B1641W2GB/01 B1451B2GB/01 B1481K2/01 B1641A2/01 B1691N2GB/01 B1451N2GB/01 B1481U2/01 B1641A2GB/01 B1691N2GB/05 B1451N2GB/05 B1481V2/01 B1641N2/01 B1832N2GB/02 B1451S2GB/01 B1541A2/01 B1641N2/05 B1832N2GB/05 B1451W2GB/01 B1541B2/01 B1641N2GB/01 B1841N2/02 B1471N2EU/01 B1541J2/01 B1641N2GB/05 B1841N2/05 B1471N2EU/05 B1541N2/01 B1641S2/01 B1861N2/02 B1861N2/05 E1951N2/05 U1320S2GB/02 U1421N2GB/05 B1861N2GB/02 E1951W2/01 U1320S2GB/03 U1421S2GB/01 B1861N2GB/05 U1320B2GB/01 U1320W0GB/01 U1421S2GB/02 B1951N2/01 U1320B2GB/02 U1320W2GB/01 U1421W2GB/01 B1951N2/05 U1320B2GB/03 U1320W2GB/02 U1421W2GB/02 E1461B2/01 U1320N2GB/01 U1320W2GB/03 U1428C2GB/01 E1641N2/01 U1320N2GB/02 U1421B2GB/01 U1428K2GB/01 E1641N2/05 U1320N2GB/03 U1421B2GB/02 U1428V2GB/01 E1951B2/01 U1320N2GB/05 U1421N2GB/01 U1452B2GB/01 E1951N2/01 U1320S2GB/01 U1421N2GB/02 U1452B2GB/02 U1452N3GB/01 U1461N0GB/05 U1641N2/01 U1661N2GB/01 U1452N3GB/02 U1461N2GB/01 U1641N2/05 U1661N2GB/05 U1452N3GB/05 U1461N2GB/05 U1641S2/01 U1661W2AU/01 U1452S2GB/01 U1461S2GB/01 U1661A2GB/01 U1661W2GB/01 U1452S2GB/02 U1461W2GB/01 U1661N2AU/01 U1863N2GB/01 U1452W2GB/01 U1641B2/01 U1661N2AU/05 U1863N2GB/05 U1452W2GB/02