Parkinson Cowan Cooker Oven Grill Pan Handle 3114681004


Pakinson Cowan cooker oven grill pan handle will fit selected Electrolux cookers, part number 3114681004 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement grill pan handle will fit the following Parkinson Cowan cookers, CSIG501SVN (STRATA) SIM514BKN SIM533BKL SIM554GRN CSM559XN SIM514GRL SIM533BKN SIM554WL SIG320GRN SIM514GRN SIM554BKL SIM554WN SIG414WN SIM514WL SIM554BKN SM554WL SIG531GRN SIM514WN SIM554GRL SM554WN SIM514BKL SIM524WN