Siemens Cooker Main Oven Door Seal Genuine Spare Part BSH658558


Oven Door Seal For Siemens Cookers

Genuine Siemens cooker main oven door seal will fit certain Siemens cookers.

If your oven door seal has worn or split, it is very easy to replace them, generally they are only hooked into place so no tools needed, so there is no excuse not to replace such an easy part to fit.

Broken and split oven door seals will let heat escape from your oven so it places more work on the element and fan motor, also you may have noticed some scorching on the cupboard next to the cooker, this is a genuine Siemens spare part so it should fit perfectly for the models listed.

Siemens Cooker Spares Seals 658558

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Fits Siemens cookers,

HB131250B/01 HB131510B/01 HB131510B/03 HB131550B/01 HB13M550B/01 HB13M650B/03 HB15M550B/03 HB530550B/01 HB55L550B/01 HB55M550B/01 HB55M550B/03 HB55R550B/01 HB560550B/01 HB56L550B/03 HB56M650B/03

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