Sump Hose Bosch Washing Machines 704793


Sump To Pump Hose Bosch Washers 704793

Quite often the sump hose can get blocked with things out of your washing machine, mainly socks screws and bra wires, sometimes these sharp objects can damage the hose causing it to leak, luckily the part is available to buy and is an easy diy job, this is a genuine Bosch part so should fit the selected models perfectly.

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Genuine Bosch Spare Part

Please check your model number against whats listed to make sure of exact fit

Fits the following Bosch models,

3TI71101A/32, 3TI71101A/40, 3TI71101A/47, W5420X0EU/32, W5420X0EU/40, WAP28360IL/14, WAP28360IL/23, WAP28360IL/38, WAP28360IL/45, WAP28360IL/50, WAS24721GR/14, WAS24721GR/20, WAS24721GR/23, WAS24721GR/38, WAS24721GR/45, WAS24765TR/14, WAS24765TR/20, WAS24765TR/23, WAS24765TR/38, WAS24765TR/45, WAS24765TR/49, WAS24765TR/50, WAS28440AU/35, WAS28440AU/38, WAS28440AU/50, WAS28840CH/23, WI12S121EE/32, WI12S121EE/40, WI12S121EE/47, WI12S127EE/47, WI12S140GB/32, WI12S140GB/40, WI12S140GB/46, WI12S140GB/47, WI12S141GB/47, WI12S420FF/32, WI14S420FF/40, WI14S420FF/47, WI14S421FF/47, WI14S440GB/32, WI14S440GB/40, WI14S440GB/46, WI14S440GB/47, WI14S440OE/47, WIS20161EE/32, WIS24120FF/32, WIS24140EU/32, WIS24140EU/40, WIS24140EU/47, WIS24140GB/32, WIS24140GB/40, WIS24140GB/46, WIS24141GB/47, WIS24161EE/32, WIS24161EE/47, WIS24167EE/47, WIS24461EE/32, WIS24461EE/40, WIS28120FF/40, WIS28120FF/47, WIS28121FF/47, WIS28141EU/47, WIS28440/32, WIS28440/40, WIS28440/47, WIS28440GB/32, WIS28440GB/40, WIS28440GB/46, WIS28440GB/47, WIS28441EU/47, WIS28441GB/47, WM12S423GR/15, WM12S423GR/20, WM12S423GR/23, WM12S423GR/38, WM12S423GR/45, WM12S423GR/50, WM14P360IL/14, WM14P360IL/23, WM14P360IL/38, WM14P360IL/45, WM14P360IL/50, WM14P360TH/20, WM14P360TH/23, WM14P360TH/45, WM14S440AU/35, WM14S440AU/38, WM16S880TI/14

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only

Genuine Bosch part number 704793