Zanussi Dishwasher Door Lock Catch 50286082008


Zanussi dishwasher door lock catch will fit selected Zanussi dishwashers, part number 50286082008, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part. Zanussi have changed this part number to 4055283925

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This replacement door lock catch will fit the following Zanussi dishwashers, ASF2435 DA4441 DA6241 DCE5655 UK DA2152 DA4442 DA6242 DE2144 DA2252 DA4452 DA6252 DE3043 DA2852 DA6141 DA6341 DE4554 DA4131 DA6141D DA6342 DE4554S DA4142 DA6141SIL DA6352 DE4654 DA4152 DA6142 DA6373 DE4744 DA4341 DA6142S DA6452 DE4744ALU DA4342 DA6152 DA6473 DE4755 DA4352 DA6153 DCE5655 DE4844 DE6342 DE6644 DE6844ALU DE7443 DE6344 DE6654 DE6850 DES959 DE6442 DE6654ALU DE6854 DF4449 DE6444 DE6744 DE6855 DF6926 DE6541 DE6744S DE6865 DF6937 DE6542 DE6754 DE6954 DF6954 DE6543 DE6754S DE6955 DTI4725E DE6543X DE6755 DE6955A DTI6726 DE6544 DE6755ALU DE6955X DTI6759E DE6554 DE6844 DE6965 DW474-1 DW4803 DW6837 DW697 DWS6726 DW4936 DW6837M DWS410 DWS6737 DW6625 – BIO DW684 DWS4704 DWS6804 DW6635 – BIO DW6849 DWS620 DWS6837 DW6645 – BIO DW685 DWS6621 DWS684 DW6714 DW687 DWS6622 DWS6849 DW6814 DW6926 DWS6626 DWS685 DW6826 DW6926M DWS6628 DWS686 DW6826M DW6937 DWS663 DWS6907 DW683 DW695 DWS6674 DWS694 DWS6947 DWS939W ID6345X ZD686B DWS696 DWS949W ID6745B ZD686W DWS697 ID4305B ID6745S ZD694B DWS697S ID4305S ID6745W ZD694N DWS730 ID4305W ID6745X ZD694W DWS909AL ID4305X IT5614 ZD694X DWS909W ID6345A IZZI ALU ZD699ALU DWS919 ID6345B IZZI W ZDC5465 DWS935 ID6345S ZD684B ZDI4041B DWS939S ID6345W ZD684W ZDI4041N ZDI4041W ZDI6142N ZDI6764X ZDM6026X ZDI4041X ZDI6142W ZDI6895QA ZDM6037B ZDI6041B ZDI6142X ZDI6895QX ZDM6037N ZDI6041W ZDI6453N ZDI6895SX ZDM6037W ZDI6041X ZDI6453X ZDM4714B ZDM6037X ZDI6052B ZDI6555N ZDM4714N ZDM6714B ZDI6052W ZDI6555W ZDM4714W ZDM6714N ZDI6052X ZDI6555X ZDM4714X ZDM6714W ZDI6053QA ZDI6743X ZDM6026N ZDM6714X ZDI6053SX ZDI6744 ZDM6026W ZDM6814B ZDM6814N ZDS699EN ZDT6353 ZT685 ZDM6814W ZDS699EX ZDT6453 ZT6905 ZDM6814X ZDS699EY ZDT6764 ZT6910 ZDM6837B ZDT4052 ZDT6894 ZT695 ZDM6837N ZDT5052 ZOP32W ZTI6050 ZDM6925N ZDT6152 ZSF2420 ZTI6100 ZDM6925W ZDT6252 ZSF2440 ZTI6859 ZDS6070X ZDT6253 ZSF2440S ZTI6865 ZDS699EA ZDT6254 ZT6755I ZTM6814 ZDS699EB ZDT6255 ZT6810 ZTM6825 Other part numbers for this item: 1524077011, 1524077045, 50272150009